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Yes, there’s a shiny new clang! clang! that just launched. If you’ve ever visited the of old….(with the off-brand paint brushes) then you’ll see that there’s been some changes – the new and improved! Clang! clang! has undergone a redesign, with a fresh clean look, new content added, including a selection of case studies that describes what it is exactly clang! clang! is about and what
Derrick Cho
, its principal, does.

There would be no new clang! clang! without the help of a dedicated team, and friends – so, many thanks to Robert Brown of Robert Brown Digital Media for design, and to Robotransfer (Richard Lane and Ken O’Neill)for WordPress programming. And, of course a big hug for overall guidance and support from Stephanie Nadler, without whom the new clang! clang! would not be online, EVER.

So, now that the new polished, shiny clang! clang! is ready to go to work, the question is what should I do with it? Besides the obvious, promoting clang! clang! services and showcasing the work.

Well, the plan is to use the Blog pretty much the way Wikipedia describes it, “to provide commentary or news on a particular subject; or as more personal online diary.”  My plan is to attract loyal followers who will read, interact and share. And on that note, here’s one of the ways I’m planning to do just exactly that. The first of many tips to come from clang! clang!

Blog Engagement Tips

Blog EngagementYesterday, Stephanie found this great blog post, “50 Examples of Great Engagement” by Lucy Langdon.  In it, Lucy says “A blog is a success if it has loyal followers who read, interact and share the posts that you create (see right – a tiny snapshot of Blogging Tip’s engaged Twitter followers!).”

I’ve picked my Top 3 tips from Lucy’s 50, summarizing the ones that I think are the most useful. See them below.

1. Follow the Basics

  • Be useful – provide real world advice, trips, and tricks, breaking news
  • Respond – reply to comments
  • Keep it short – get to the point
  • Be regular – loyal fans will look forward to it

2. Engaging Content

  • Be personal – keep it real
  • Ask for comments – ask for and listen to opinions
  • Be controversial – it’s worked for TechCrunch and Perez Hilton, why not you?
  • Images – a picture’s worth a 1,000 words

3.  Use your Users

  • Citizen reporting/crowd sourcing – involve your users, leverage collaborative/grass roots journalism
  • Submissions – get readers involved, remember i can haz cheezburger?
  • Poll/opinion on a change – post queries, publish regular polls

Since this is the first clang! clang! post, share it, comment, let me know what you think. I read, absorb and think about 25+ feeds (1,000 articles per day) that come in through my Google Reader daily and I’m planning on sharing/commenting on the best of them all thorugh this blog. So, let’s get this dialog going!

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